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Anyone know what the "Automotive" is?



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sad but true

Thomas Steinberger aka "Mr. Cool Ice" from Mainz, Germany, is famous for tattoos that cover most of his body. The tattoos are all variations of the words "Mr Cool Ice", and a skull wearing sunglasses in various sizes. Mr. Cool Ice is well known in the tattoo world and has appeared in many interviews and talk shows. His whole life revolves around "Mr. Cool Ice" and even his clothes are adorned with the name and skull.
Public Opinion
The general public opinion of Mr. Cool Ice is degrading. Whether he realizes he's the laughing stock of the tattooed portion of the world is unclear"

I bet there's some douchebag here in the us with big Chinese symbols that actually say something as equally stupid with crappy clipart to match.


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wow. i havent seen someone bust out a mr. cool ice in about a decade. god i love the internets. almost as much as that guy loves the words "mr., cool, & ice."

andrew, that fonts looks like something out of the original mario bros.


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can't stop hurts! I bet he gets his rocks off dancing topless in front of a mirror to Vanilla Ice