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fonts with alternate characters?


New Member
i know this is vague, but what are some good fonts or font collections with alternate characters?

what im looking for is a good font for some sandblasted signs that have the elongation of certain characters, like the tops and/or bottoms of the k's, r's, H's etc to be used at the begging and ending of the type, if that makes sense.

I have a sandblasted sign to do, that says "Humphrey Heights", and they want a "classy font" used, and i want to have the elongations without having to add it manually.

any suggestions?



New Member
The SignFonts collection has some alternate characters like that, but are more for the end of words like "r", "s", "g", "h" and others.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I was thinking of the same fonts. There's no reason you couldn't mirror some of the swashes and weld them to opening characters.