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Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Shovelhead said:
As I look to the right at the poll....
why am I the only one in italics????

:help: :thumb:

You must be on a different site than I am SH. I'm looking at Jen Goodwin leading your entry 9 to 4 with tikiboyz also ahead of you. As Chris pointed out, the italics is simply showing who each member voted for and has no beearing on who is in the lead.

I have noticed that since the voting began, we've had two record days in a row for new member registrations. I hope all these new folks are in the biz. :rolleyes:

I do think your entry was excellent.

Jen Goodwin

New Member
I haven't been recruiting anyone either, I promise! I am so very pleasantly surprised to see how well my design is doing, although there are plenty of voting days left...
I figured when Shovelhead posted his it was all over - the 'our rates are insane' - priceless! :Big Laugh I tried to get another done, but I had too much work to do.
I hoped to see more designs, but the ones posted are great.