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GA font issue

Hey everybody, we recently installed GA 6.21 on another machine here at work and when I reference an old file, the font used in the file isn't coming up in the list. I went back to the old machine and copied the font out of the GSP fonts folder and pasted it into the new machine's GSP fonts folder and re-started but it's still not coming up. I don't seem to have the font in a true type format so I'm guessing that the machine's referencing the GSP font. Any idea's ? The font is Friz Quadrata by the way.

Tony Teveris

New Member
GA Fonts

The only Friz we had for Ga I think were


These are the file names and the font descriptions. One or all should be in your font folder.

There is the possiblity that you had multiple font folders (though unlikely)

Your gsp.ini file in the c:\windows\ folder contains a line like


This specfies 2 paths, both on the D: drive

Are you using the same security key ?

Lets start with this info.
I'm missing these fonts on my new machine. I'm running windows 2000 on our new machine and it won't let me run the 3rd GA service pack. Could this be it? Is that font included with that service pack?

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Looking at my installed fonts in Omega 2.0.2, I see that none of the Friz Quadrata fonts are there any longer. I don't miss them in particular because I simply converted my TrueType versions of them using the Gerber TTF Converter program.

You could do this and probably recreate the job satisfactorily. I would still check your old GSPFonts folder to see if the fonts are still there and, if so, copy them to the new system.

I would recommend that you look over the tutorial here at Signs 101 covering converting TrueType fonts using the Gerber Font Designer program. We get excellent results with this approach to handling our font needs.

Font Designer Tutorial

Tony Teveris

New Member
GA Fonts

Since both don't have them I would think that they may not be "standard" issue fonts but purchasable only fonts. I'll check in the morning. I don't recall ever issuing fonts on a service pack release.

Send me the PLT file that uses the font and I can verify the font # and title.