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G'day all!


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Hi all,
I've just signed up after lurking here for a while. I have participated in a few other sign forums and would like to throw my hat into this ring from time to time.

A little about myself....well I'm 44 and have been in the sign trade since I left high school in 1977. I started work as a screen printer in a busy sign shop and switched over to signwriting after 3 years. Worked alongside many brushies for the next 10 years then started my own business.
I still work from home, mostly by myself. Got the workshop pretty well set up now.

Still do a bit of hand lettering and screen printing when I have to, but not often anymore thankfully!
Most my work is vinyl, but I also have a mild solvent printer which I love using.:thumb:

I use Signlab - recently upgraded to 7.1 print & cut, so you'll often find me jumping in on Signlab topics.

I particularly like this forum - there are many learned colleages and friendly sign folk who know what they're talking about. Look forward to meeting y'all...
thanks for having me:smile:


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Greetings from Northern California, Neil ---

What's special about Adelaide? For some reason that name sticks in my head. ...are there a bunch of dairies in your area?

Anywho... it's all fair dinkum here. ...well most days, anyway.



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Hi Vid, there's a bunch of wineries here! The Barossa valley is world renowned, and I live alongside the Mclaren Vale wine region. A nice place to visit - you can tour around the wineries tasing samples at the cellar doors..:wine-smi:
Along with the food & wine & music festivals which are a favourite of mine!


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Welcome you lucky duck, sounds like you live in paradise. We are in Nebraska 18 miles from the Wyoming border and 100 miles south of the South Dakota Border. People out here call it Wyo-braska because we feel as much a part of Wyoming as Nebraska.

Believe it or not we have 2 wineries Lovers Leap (which they just changed ownership & their name, can't think of the new name) & Prairie Wind Winery 7 miles away.


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Neil said:
there's a bunch of wineries here!...

I shoulda known that... The wife and I did an agricultural tour of Autralia a few years back. One group went to your neck of the woods. The group we were in scooted up the eastern provinces. When we rejoined in Sydney, there where some interesting stories of the wine tours --- Damn tourists.

There's a couple big vintners here... world renown, too. I'd send you a box of their wine (not case, not bottle, BOX!) but I think shipping would cost more than the wine. LOL.



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Hellooo.... Florida, Bristol, Michigan,

Pleased ta meetcha in... Coopersville, Orlando, Atlanta,

G'day to Melbourne

Howdy to Modesto, Houston, Lake Worth, Seattle

And greetings to Wyobraska, Vermont, Hobbs!

And hello to everyone else - wherever you are!!