Geek Wraps Squeegee's?


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Everyone states they are the best.. (what & why)
We have not tried them yet.
What makes them the best?
We have been looking at them and its tough to justify the difference.
Enlighten those of us who are looking if you can please.

Charlie J

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Yeah that seems a little excessive, but I have used a similar product during a wrap class and they work very nice.


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i like using these because of the felt side. there are other products that are the same hard plastic without the felt that are also great.


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For the prices they are asking on might think that have a auto apply button. All joking aside I would need to try one to see how good it really is.


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We buy adhesive backed felt for all the squeegee's we use.
cheap by the yard at your local fabric place.
Besides the felt is there any other reason?


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They look nice, but we've been using lidco felt squeegees for quite a while- great feel, stiffness and inexpensive.


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We use the Geek Wrap ones. Yes they are expensive. No doubt. However I feel they are a superior tool and my guys agree. DO NOT use on clear transfer tape.


i use the 3m gold squeegees and i put a piece of the soft velcro on the edge works fine for me. i don't do all that many wraps (actually not many at all) mostly lettering, graphics/logos and partial wraps but $20 for a squeegee seems a bit much


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The "Felt" is more like ultra suede material. Its way softer than the traditional felt on various squeegees which will sometimes mark a high gloss laminate. As mentioned previously, they have a thin metal strip under the soft cover that is awesome to snap onto a magnetic holder.


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The felt side wears out very fast and the other side is VERY prone to becoming not flat anymore. I haven't liked them as much as the price should make me.