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General formulations auto mark vs Avery or 3M 2ml question


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I have a project to do multiple decals for vehicles. These are just rectangular solid white decals in a variety of sizes for trucks and equipment. Customer told me to use the GOOD STUFF.
The issue to me is 3M and Avery may last 8 years, and Automark is listed at 7, but the ink is going to fade around the 5 year mark I am pretty sure (slowly, but it will fade)
Automark is considerably cheaper and just would like to hear from those that use it if it is the way to go here or does it suffer from that shrinkage that causes the black lines of dirt around the edges.


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One is calendared and the others are real cast vinyls, that's the price difference. I wouldn't trust calendared outside that long.


Agree with bigfish. But you can call general formulations and tell them what you are doing with it and they can advise you. I've called about a few things I've used thier products on and they seemed pretty helpful. I prob. would go with 3M.


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Yea I think the main concern is that shrinkage...but I also find that Avery seems to print the best on my machine and the profile I use seems to hit the colour very well.


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You could try 3m 40c with 8508 lam bundle, that's a cal print and cast lam.(7 year life they say) and comes at a good price. Ive seen zero shrinkage from the 40c jobs ive done, and it prints better than any media ive tried thru the eco solvent... as long as its just a flat panel install you should be good to go.
Otherwise the Avery mpi 1105 is still a few hundred cheaper than ij80..

I wouldn't mess with the general formulations.
The automark laminate will shrink A LOT! We did some decals with it, and had the laminate shrink over 3/4” all the way around. Some of the GF materials we like. That one, no thank you.

Kentucky Wraps

Kentucky Wraps
Do NOT use the 8508 on 3M 40c...use 8518.
Considering these are going on truck DOORS and not hood, roof, etc...they should last plenty long.
That being said...your customer said to "use the good stuff"...so I'm wondering why you don't just go with a Cast vinyl and overlam. Why are you wondering about polymeric etc?
Just buy the "good stuff" and bill him for it.