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Question General Formulations distributor in Canada


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Hi All, the distributor that I've been using for Gen Form (etch) here is no longer carrying them so wondering if anyone else knows where I can purchase Gen form(etch)?



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Canadian Signcrafters Supply carried it, they were recently changed (sold?) to TG Graphics. Their website doesn't have much on it but if you give them a call they may still carry it. Everything we order from them isn't on their website. www.tggraphics.ca

Alternatively, GF has one rep for Canada listed on their website. You could try to reach out to Jeff and find out. jrider@generalformulations.com


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Where in Canada
In Ontario I recommend Daly Digital

Grimco carries some of their products, also most of their briteline series of vinyl is just rebranded general formulations, it's pretty easy to tell which is which as they have reused the numbering system that GF uses.

TCT graphic products also carries quite a bit.


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If you are in the province of Quebec, Mediatech carry almost all of them. If not, they will order it for you. Best customer service also.


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TCT also will sell a wide assortment of sizes and has in house slitting available for custom cuts.