General Survey - warranty


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Just curious to know what shops from around the country state as there warranty for graphics installed by their shop. I know Oracal states 6 years for 651 and 7-8years for 751 even up to 10 for 851. But in terms of fading/cracking/peeling what is the guaranteed life you tell your clients? Also say there vehicle is black in color with red vinyl. Do you give that person a different life guarantee as opposed to a white car with say blue/black vinyl? I would like to hear from people in say Florida where its just generally hot all the time to say Michigan where its hot summer time and snows in winter. Thanks to all in advance.


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I seldom get asked about a warranty.
If asked it's 1 year. Same as a builder gives on a $750,000 house.
But I have replaced signs years later if I felt it was our fault, or the customer was important enough.