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Gerber Edge 2 rod broke


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Hi, I am not sure what happened or even what this rod like object is but when I was taking a foil out of my Gerber Edge 2 this fell out. See pictures for better explain of what happened. How do I fix this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


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Just put it back. It happens to mine occasionally, more the older it gets.
You just have to line up the little slot with the wire that holds it and push. Don't force, it should click back into place fairly easily.


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That rod should be held in place to the left of the head in the exact same way as the other rod that is still there to the right side of the head.

The black plastic thing in the center is what is actually holding it.

Jeff grossman

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Yep should pivot in the center held in by the plastic clip , needs movement on both end slots.
Hope you find a quick fix