Gerber Edge Floor Graphics


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ive been asked to do some social distancing floor markers. Wanting to do them with my Gerber Edge . I know they run a scrubber daily so I’m not sure what to use over the vinyl to protect the graphic. Maybe purchase some floor laminate, apply to graphic then back to the machine to contour cut? Does Gerber carry a product that I can put into the machine like the uv cartridge? For instance what I’ve seen done with football helmets.

Thank you?

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There is an "Abrasion Guard" foil, but I wouldn't consider it a replacement for a laminate in this case, not to mention the fact that technically floor decals should carry a slip-resistance rating.

Gerber/3M did (maybe still do) sell a floor graphic kit w/ a 10ish mil laminate like Bill said, but I would imagine it would cost an arm and a leg.

I'm not sure what kind of air-release vinyl you can get in 15" punched these days but regarding the laminate, Avery DOL 2080 is cheap and rated for slip-resistance.