Gerber Envision Problem


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Hi All, I am new to sign making and still learning how to use all the equipment. I am having a problem with our EnVision. It is not cutting. It acts like it is but the blade is like a quarter of an inch above the material. I have no book for the machine either since our company bought it used. Any suggestions will help. I have tried switching material we are trying to cut vinyl and I am not sure which to select either. Thank You

Fred Weiss

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That sounds like the one serious repair I ever encountered with my Envision. If the blade holder is not moving up and down (Z axis) then you may need to replace your entire tool carriage. The part costs around $1,200 and is medium easy to install. If no one else can offer other help, I recommend that you contact Gerber service to help isolate the problem.


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Possibly the wrong blade holder was given when you picked up the machine?
Post up a picture of the blade holder installed and sitting in the "home" position.
When it is supposed to be cutting, does the blade plunge downward?


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You could also have the encoder cable partially disconnected underneath the tool carriage. I had that on mine a couple of months ago. Its an easy fix if you have small fingers and small pliers, otherwise its going to be a B****.


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Ok Thank You I will post a pic of this next week. It is strange because it was working fine then someone messed with the material setting and now thats what is it doing. Thank You for your help