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Well, well, well. I responded to an advertisement sent to me via email from Gerber informing me of the release of Omega 2.6. I asked a question about the product. This was Nov. 7, 9:36am. I said I was interested, but needed some clarification.

Today the 12th I get notice back that they "have read my email". Already? Should be interesting to see how fast they're sales team will respond. I'm not holding my breath.

Or am I being unfairly critical? Seems like they solicit me, I respond immediatley, but they're in no hurry to open their mail...or respond.

Kevin Dooley

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Just a hunch, but it looks like a classic case of marketing overstretching what the sales force can legitimately do. You maybe replied to a mailbox GSP set up just to grab inquiries from that particular email blast, and some poor marketing person has to filter through replies from that blast, plus 20 more just like it. THEN the sales person gets the word from marketing-land that you have a legit interest, and that takes time. JMO.
(I'm the guy who checks MY company's various email addresses off a few different websites, and I tell you - in spite of my best anti-spam filtering efforts, it takes me an hour to separate the wheat from the chaff most days!)


Gerber sends out a ton of this stuff so I would think that they would get back about 3-5% of a ton of repsonses back so it might take a few days to contact people. I've been using Gerber products and software since the 1980's and their response time is about what I'd expect. Did you reply to an e-mail or e-mail customer service directly? Give them a call or call your Gerber rep for the info. I've got 2.6.1 and am very happy with it.


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I'm with the "some poor marketing person" possibility. Gerber probably sent that out to THOUSANDS of recipients. It probably took about (3 days) just to get to your email. I've sent inquiries to much larger groups (Adobe) only to have them wait a month, then ask me what I was interested in. They waited 2 more weeks, then they tell me that I'll have to ask an authorized reseller. Sometimes I get no response at all.


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Oh...and Marlene. Can you tell me what the single most significant feature is in Omega 2.6? For your shop?

Fred Weiss

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The other possibility is that they will forward your inquiry onto a GSP distributor in your area rather than respond directly.