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Gerber Service Plans


New Member
Hi everyone

I have not been able to visit the site in a while,we have been extemly busy as usual.We are starting to run the router alot now and are thinking of getting in to one of the gerber service plans.Just wondering if anyone else pays for them. the gardian plan covers parts and service for one year(not including the spindle).It costs 2,225.00 and seems like alot of money.But when you consider that a y axis lead screw is 1650.00 it seems like a deal.it seems like the lead screws do go on a yearly basis from the info i got from previous posts.hopeing to get a little imput from other gerber owners.



Eric H

New Member
Like on most things I think a warranty is a crap shoot. We have had our 404 for about 8 or 9 years and have only had the (porter cable) motor rebuilt a few times, no other mechanical problems. Personally your probably better off putting that money in a saving account. I never heard anything about the lead screws.