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Does anyone have any tips on printing on GerberVision Like minimum size of text and colors not to use for Visability reasons?TIA

Fred Weiss

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Gerber Vision is a film that I dislike for use on the Edge. Perforated film is much better suited to use with liquid inks because the liquid covers the edges of the holes providing better contrast. The Edge leaves a very distracting white unprinted edge on the holes.

Add to that the size limitation with an Edge, the excessive price and the one year rating and you understand why I do not use it anymore. As far as minimum letter size, I have no clue.


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Your SignLab 7.1 has See Through Sign Wizard

signage said:
Does anyone have any tips on printing on GerberVision Like minimum size of text and colors not to use for Visability reasons?TIA

Brian, just so you know, your latest SignLab 7.1 provides a See Through Sign Wizard, which allows you to incorporate a perforation pattern into your print. This allows you to print to clear transparent vinyl, without the need to purchase a perforated vinyl. Several preset perforations are provided, plus you can create custom patterns rather easily.

Here is the introduction from the SignLab context-help:

Use the See Through Sign Wizard to create window artwork for public transit vehicles, storefront windows or glass partitions in shopping malls.
  • Print a design to clear transparent vinyl to allow viewers to see objects that are behind the design. Add small gaps to the design to allow light through, making it "see through."
  • Apply up to five (5) underbase layers to prevent light from behind the glass from interfering with the design.
  • Images can be visible from one side of the window, or both, with either the same image or a different image appearing on each side.
  • Alternatively (for print and cut applications), print on white vinyl and cut bands to allow show through.

Rod at CADlink


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If I can find it, I have an old post with images that shows the white ring of unprinted vinyl around each perforation, like Fred mentioned... but it also shows a close=up of a second brand of perf that did not leave that unprinted ring. The difference was a dimpling of the material around each perforation on the "bad" stuff... & a good flat surface on the stuff that worked. I have to log off & drive to work, so may not remember to do this.

Email me Brian, if that product information interests you & I'll try to look it up

(I may even have a roll to sell... now that I have an inkjet)


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The top half was from one roll of Avery I received when I bought a batch of supplies from a company that sold their Edge. It had good coverage & no white rings of unprinted vinyl around the perfs.

The bottom half was from another roll of Avery I bought hoping it would match. (I usually just use Gerber, & I had never heard of this issue back at the time of this photo 2 years ago.. I just assumed purchasing the same manufacturers window perf would result in the same exact product) Anyway, as you can see... the bottom half had that white ring, & a slightly different punch pattern. I called my vendor & was able to get another roll of the better stuff, but I have never used it.

The image shown was from THIS old thread on 4edgetalk.com (on the "old board" before the crash.