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Good comparison resource?


New Member
I've done as much research as I can possibly do by myself in regards to checking out all the wide format printers that are out there. What are some better resources to go to aside from the manufacturer's sites? I'm supposed to make a report at the next management meeting (the week of the 23rd). Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Jon Aston

New Member
You might try this...but it is far from "the definitive" resource.

In my view, printer-to-printer (or spec-to-spec) comparisons are a bit of a red herring. You would be better to evaluate local vendors on the basis of training and support - and let your choice of vendors determine which printer (and RIP software) you buy. And even that is a bit of a red herring...unless you have established a good evaluation process.

If I was on your company's management team, I would much rather hear that - instead of rushing to provide your recommendation - you would like us to review the evaluation process you have in development...in the hope that we will provide input and/or approve of the process. But (obviously), you know them better than I do.


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Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, while typing "wide format printer reviews" is a good start, after a month of sifting through all of it, I thought maybe a couple leads would be more productive at this time.

I see what you're saying, Jon. My whole point in doing this report is twofold. One, I'm trying to get everyone on board to the idea that creating our banners inhouse instead of subbing them out will benefit us (there's a long torrid story that involves an old Arizona printer there). Two, I'm trying to get past all the manufacturer's mumbo-jumbo and make some recommendations based on first-hand use. Because as they found out previously, had they talked to actual users instead of the manufacturer, they probably would've steered clear of that Arizona. I'm really not in a position to tell them what we should or should not use (even though I'll be the one ultimately using it), I'm just trying to say "Here are the options. These are the pros to Printer ___, and these are the cons to it."

John Miller

New Member
The first thing

The first thing is to determin what it is that you will be producing. You mention banners. Is that the main thrust of your production? Different printing devices have different strengths.
Is a great resource, post a question like... we intend to produce etc. etc. etc. & our budget is X what printer should we get? I'm pretty sure the folks over there will aim you in the right direction.