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Any google sheets/excel experts out there that can help with an issue?

I'm trying to create a price calculator sheet. I want to have a dropdown list of items. I want each item to have a square foot price somehow "tied" or linked to it so when I put in the quantity, height, length I get a total. I can get more elaborate than this but it's the "each item in the list" having a square footage price formula I can't figure out. I've googled but everything seems to go over my head. I hope this makes sense.

Attached is a basic screenshot if that helps. You can PM me if you'd like as well. Thanks


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This can get complex.

I believe excel is more powerful than google sheets though.

You need to learn about VLOOKUP.

You'd need to create a seperate page for "Data" and have your stock list there and formulas.
have a dropdown box with vlookup.

Some youtube videos and some hours later you could get there.


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Thanks! Sorry, I wasn't very clear...By the formula I meant what gets each item on the drop down list to have a separate "google sheets formula or number" so that each item is different, not just the cell itself. From most of the posts, it seems that VLOOKUP is what I need to research. Thanks again!

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Yes, this has data validation on it with dropdowns, I expanded the field area. The reason why I said quick, is I can also show how to use a "Add new Line" Macro to make it more interactive and form-like.

I just updated the sheet with a few clean-ups, but at least this will give the OP a start point of code to get where he/she is going.

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Thank you! This is very helpful. I did a lot of research on the "VLOOKUP" formula yesterday and am definitely moving in the right direction. Your spreadsheet will definitely help me further. Thanks again!
No problem at all. I like numbers and software so these are things I enjoy figuring out anyway. If you have any other questions, Hollar.


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You need to learn how to use formulas, it`ll make calculations much easier.
There`re a lot of detailed instructions on the internet, it's strange that you have problems with them. In addition, this program allows the use of many different tricks that save time and effort. For example, I use docsandslides templates when I work with Excel -- when I need to add an image, it`s convenient to use them. Thus, I don`t need to enter any link, I immediately see all the structured information I need.