got a small/huge problem


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i replaced the fuse and it printed good but now iam having a bigger problem. prints were ok for the first day second and so on. i usually leave my machine off when not in use. i usually turn it on a fire the heads every day. i was out for a while and printer got no maintaince for a week. i am getting lots of streaks in the nozzle check. i tried cleaning no results. manual clean no result. powerful clean no results.any help would be much appricated


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streaks in the nozzle check or broken pattern? Did you actually clean the maintenance station/wiper/print head with a cleaning swab?



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Soak the heads with a piece of lint free material on the cap top and saturate it with cleaning solution. Park the heads and let it soak for a bit then do a normal cleaning then a nozzle check. I have soaked mine for up to an hour or more at times. This softens any ink that has set up on the head. I would believe your cap station is not sealing with the heads.