GR-540 Perf Cutting advice


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I bought this cutter two or three years ago and have NEVER had any luck with perf cutting. Ive tried so many different materials/blade settings. Does anyone have any advice on getting this machine to perf cut properly? or suggestions? It cuts everything else great, but sucks a fat one when it comes to perf cutting. Roland was no help and no techs in my area are familiar with it-

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I perf cut on my SP540v. I find just increasing the cut depth (force) isn't enough to get good results. I extend the blade out of the blade holder more than normal. And use a 60 degree blade. The results are never perfect, but pretty good. I also print & cut in small batches or groups. Long lengths of vinyl always seem to cause trouble.


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This machine has the Perf Cut channel. I feel if I extend the blade to far I am cutting into the very thin outstrip that Roland manufactures for this machine. I have used several different force/cut options and no-one from Roland or any tech that I have talked to has experience with this machine. They released the new GR and it does not have a perf cut channel. Really looking for more material recommendations. I have used Arlon, Avery, 3M, GF and substance. The only time I have ever had luck was doing some small circle stickers. but its always hit and miss and never consistent. Any Advice on any front with perf cutting would be great! Thank you.


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To be quite honest, buy a Graphtec or Summa. To use an old cliché "It's a game changer". Plus there are lots of threads and solid advice on Perf/Flex cutting with those rigs.