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Graphtec die cutting


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I saw a Graphtec 7000 series doing contour and die cutting at the USSC show last week. It would contour cut around the image, then die cut about .100" further out.

I know the 7000 series has the Line Pref. command, and a choice of off or 1-7 as the options. I tested 7 with a higher force on cutting, and it did die cut, using a cut-dash-cut pattern. The only concern with that was it looks like it cuts into the blade strip more than I like to see.

So, does anyone have experience in doing this? Also, any ideas what the Line Pref. 1 to 7 are? I can't find that documented anywhere. I may just try some tests next week.



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Sounds like it would be a good feature. First time I've heard of this machine being able to die cut. Mimaki's can, so the Graphtec should be able to?
Yeh it would be good to know what the other 7 line types do.
I know no. 7 is a fast pounce option and the blade will keep hitting the cutting strip. I guess it's for the special pounce tool.

I went to order the pounce tool but my local supplier here in Oz said the list price was $560 (approx conversion to USD).
I'm not that curious...


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I don't know about "die cutting" which I thought was accomplished with a die that was stamped on a material creating the cut???
The Graphtecs that we have do not cut into a strip, but over a groove in the strip, as does the pounce tool.

What is the difference between what you're doing and contour cutting?

Howard Keiper

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Pouncing is the technique of poking holes in paper along a the lines of a of design so one can hold that paper with it's design up against a wall, lets say, and force a fine powder or paint, perhaps, through the holes so as to leave a vague outline of the design on the wall to serve as a guide for hand painting. In the 4100, 5100, and 7000 machines you use a pounce tool that punches into the channel that runs beside the cutting strip. The size of the hole is a function of the FORCE, and the spacing , in millimeters, is set by the number following POUNCE on the LCD panel.

PREF LINE TYPE is a carry-over feature from the garment industry where it is used to cut patterns out of fairly heavy stock similar tooaktag. You use a knife, not the pounce tool, and it does indeed cut over the cutting strip like any other cut, and you need to be very careful how you set the depth and force. The values 1-7 (OFF being the cutting default) have to do with the ratio of cut-to-space, lower numbers making a very fine cut pattern, more cuts than spaces, higher numbers making a coarser cut with more spaces than cuts. Four is a good number. Remember, the feature wasn't made for cutting vinyl, so you have to experiment to see which number will give you the best cut vs. weedability.
Howard Keiper