Graphtec Driver Install has stopped Windows 7


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Trying to install the Graphtec driver on my Lenovo T510 windows 7 laptop and after launching the setup it eventually fails when copying file "Installation Has Stopped." Anyone ever have this problem? Read its a OS problem maybe I can somehow turn security checks off and it might work?

Bert Wondervan

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Maybe the driver is for older windows and not compatible with Windows 7?
What is the model of your Graphtec?
What is your print and cut software?


._ maybe your user doesn't have administrative rights? not enough privledges to finish.
the install?
go to control panel>accounts\your user. does it say administrator?

go to file explorer
clear all the files in c:\temp
c:\<your user>\temp
c:\<your user>\app data\local\temp
go to control panel\internet and network\clear browsing data\at the next screen make sure EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE FIRST CHECKMARK is checked. delete

go back to your installation file (setup? or whatever you clicked last time)
right click and choose "run as administrator". confirm
see if it completes when you rerun.
it may not have had rights to install windows components or runtimes required to finish


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You could also try run in compatibility mode, right click the installer->Properties, click the Compatibility tab and Run in Compatibility for..... try a few different Windows versions in there, XP SP3 or 7 sometimes work.