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Does anyone know what the FD setting is for in the configuration screen? Below is a screen shot? The boxes to check are tool, pressure, FD and speed. This is for a CE-3000Mk2-60, I called Graphtec on Monday and they didn't know and said they would find out and get back to me. They still haven't gotten back yet so I thought maybe someone here would know what it is for. Thanks Brian


foregot to add screen shot so here it is!


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Fred Weiss

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Just guessing but it probably is something akin to acceleration is in Omega or else it is corner sharpness. Here's a screen shot of Omega plotter controls.


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I've heard of "downforce"... never heard it os force down.. but wonder if it could pertain to that. Why is "pressure" not checked? does that toggle on or off when FD is checked? are they mutually exclusive? ...if not, then I guess "pressure" is the same as when some plotter lingo mentions "downforce"

I checked my Graphtec manual... but no luck in mine


Ok Fred you were correct the FD is for smothing out curves, Graphtec got back to me and this is what they said:

"Hey Brian,
The FD feature has to do with how smooth curves or circles are cut,
a value of 30 should be good enough cutting out of quick cut."

Just thought this might help someone else.