Review Great Air Scrubber for Solvent Printers

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Hi Guys! We found this air scrubber solution and figured it should be shared! These things are really durable, come with crazy long cords, only use a couple of amps, and can be stacked and wired up in series if you need more than one. We're into the whole thing for about $600 with 3 extra filters. It's rated at 500CFM according to the description. Which from my limited experience, seems accurate.



Whatever you do, make sure you get a scrubber that uses a standard size filter (The one linked uses a 16x16x1" Prefilter) which you can then replace with an activated carbon filter.

We found that this one scrubber, sitting on the floor right next to our solvent printer does an excellent job of removing nearly all the smell of the printer.

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Thank you for sharing your experience and providing these links. A point of information- the links you provided, both for the unit and its filters, show them to be unavailable. Might you have tried some of the other similar products that are available and could you mention them?

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I noticed that. I hope they'll come back in stock soon. We just purchased in late July.

The important thing is to find a carbon filter that fits the scrubber. Some of the scrubbers on Amazon have proprietary filter sizes. Try to avoid those. Look for the filter size in the description, comments, or specifications, then google that filter size. Be sure you can find a VOC (Carbon, Activated Charcoal, etc) filter that fits that size.

That's how we decided on that unit specifically because it uses a somewhat standard 16x16x1" pre-filter.


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Also worth looking at air filters sold as "growroom air filters" they use activated charcoal and work quite well, the filters are inexpensive and readily available.

If it can keep the smell of weed out of your basement, it can keep the smell of ink solvents out of your shop!


If you're on a budget you can always buy the filters and make something like this up. I use 2 filters in a triangular shape. I use corroplast instead of cardboard, and tape it together with Gorilla Tape.