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Great fonts here


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Nice... Thanks for posting the site!

It'd be interesting to see the "hit" meter on these sites after a link gets posted here.


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Thanks Sign One for the site. The fonts are nice and seem OK to me, didn't notice anything missing from the couple I downloaded.:thumb:


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Coimbatore said:
No so great, many fonts are incomplete with letters and numericals. I tried some of the fonts on Mac.
I had 0 problems with the ones i got,,your PC must be havin a MAC attack,LOL


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There are a lot of great font designers on the site. Take some time and explore it.
Just one word of caution though, if you want to use them as part of your designs, make sure that you check to see if there are any restrictions on their usage. Itwould appear that most of the fonts are freeware, but some may come with restrictions.