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Great Trip, but no movie on the flight!


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It's been a great trip!

Over the past 50 years i've had my hands in, lead paint, white lead, creasote, benzene, leaded gasoline, turps, lacquer thinner, acetone, enamel thinner and polyisocianate. I have breathed in nitrocellulose lacquer, enamel, emron, polyisocianate and miles of exhaust from many vehicles. IF you don't think it has an effect on me, you are sadley mistaken!
It is much better than what our children have been using over the past years, I'am still here and in control of all my senses. It's been a great trip but no movie on the flight.
Long live sign writers!
Brothers & Sisters of the Brush!

Si Allen

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hey Signguy....don't tell the new people ...but... the ancient Egyptians used all that stuff to preserve thier mummies!

That's why we're still here!



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I applaude you....

I'm sorry there wasn't a movie on your flight, but I hope you took time to smell the roses on your layovers.


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Welcome from Texas !!!
Got a few of those memories myself !!!
(just a few tho,,, :Oops: memory's tha first to go)


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Welcome brother!

After 35 years of doing the same things you're talking about......all I can say is...............................................w-w-what did you you say? :Sleeping:

:tongue: :Big Laugh :thumb: :U Rock: Good to see you 'round! Have fun and let's talk about such things as ......wall-doggin, pullin brushes, the snap of a good quill, and trimming outlines on glass. Just to name a few..... :wink:



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Wall dog and easel man, back in the day. Still here too, been in the craft since '74. No brushes anymore though.


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First of all... Welcome to :signs101:from PA.

It’s a long and winding road, but it sure was worth every second of it getting to this point. It felt more like it was done in a Conestoga Wagon’, but I guess there was some flight plan in effect.

Talking about old… about twenty years ago or so, we replaced an old church sign. That sucker was so old, that the back was put together with nails that weren’t made by a machine. Yes indeedie, you young whippersnappers, there was a time when nails were all made one by one and by hand. We were told the original sign was made in the 1880’s when the church first opened its doors. Looked as if it was touched up a few times, but we replaced it entirely back in the 1980’s. I’ll look for some before and after pictures.
Sorry, didn’t mean to:thread …. it just reminded me of that old sign.
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