Greetings coming at ya from Blue Mountains Sydney Australia

Matt Gatenby

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Afternoon Bly

No big jobs scheduled in at the moment but do have a few small bits and pieces from a few of my regulars and past clients

How about yourself ?


When we were very young my brother was bidding for records on eBay. I asked him where they were located he said Dandenong mountains. After he won he goes its actually the Blue Mountains so off we went to NSW in the station wagon. It was a good weekend.


A bit the same Matt.
Nothing big but hopefully enough to get us through the contagion.

It's nice up the Blue Mountains.
My brother's got a place at Blackheath.
Wow, that's amazing... I was just up at Cataract a few weeks ago to check out the dam which has finally filled back up after sitting in the low 20% range for months.
I wasn't in the Scouts for World Jamboree but did make the Australian one in 1992.