Greetings from Greece


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Hello there

Im Gus and im more than happy to join this great community.
Im a newbie and i have found great info from you great people about signing.
I live in Greece and more specifically to an island named Rhodes.
Im into the heatpress category but i have just made two big banners with vinyl letters integrated to an aluminum surface and i got amazed with the result.(Including the fact that i had no idea how to do it.)
Anyway im using illustrator and have a heat press and a summa d60 cutting machine and i just got a laser printer for the colour designs.I make t-shirts and im up to my website which is close to be ready.Anyway i thank you for your time and im looking forward sharing thoughts about anything with you my friends!

Take it easy for the time being :)



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great welcome people.
lets keep the heat up.
signmaking rules.
one tiny query.
have you ever joined a tradeshow concerning our field and if yes how was it.any ideas where i can find tradeshows al around the world.?
thanks in advance