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Greetings from OK


New Member
New member introduction here. I'm new to this forum but I've been in the field for some time now. I've lurked here in the forum for a couple months now, may as well join in on the fun!

Hi there!

My name is Tony,

I've been in the graphic arts field for my entire working life, and a little before as well, about 18 years. I've designed and produced signs specifically for 4 years.I'm proficient in any program presented to me but I work primarily in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, AfterEffects (Pretty much Master Suite)

My specialties include but aren't limited to Illustration, Logo Creation, Photo Manipulation, Identity Packages, Print and Web graphics of all fashions, (haven't dabbled in actual web page creation as of yet) Animations, Duplication of existing assets, re-making those 15kb logos into a usable vector (almost every dang customer)

In the years I've also learned the end finishing of items from full service print shop bindery, of which I can use a booklet maker, hydraulic cutter, shrink wrapper, booklet binder. I spent several years as the only designer, production specialist, and installation helper with the owner here at my sign shop, where I do mostly design and specialty projects nobody else wants to mess up.

Looking forward to bantering with the sign community!


Support & Tech Administrator
Hi aGrainofSalt and welcome to the Signs101 community.
Sounds like the vectorizing of sub-par logo designs is a big business for you. At least a little bit of extra money to be made in it anyway.
There's lots of helpful members here at Signs101 and lots of helpful information.
So here's hoping you enjoy your stay.