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Greetings from Wellington New Zealand!


New Member
Hello everyone,

My name is Waylon Kenning, and I'm a budding young signwriter from Wellington New Zealand. I've just purchased a Roland Camm1 PNC-1000, and for a start, I'm focusing on the rapid turn-around vinyl lettering market online, much the same as Speedy Signs.

Once my skill increases, then I'll start getting into fully fledged signs. Anyways, that's about me:)

Dave Drane

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jimdes said:
Welcome and good luck to you.

Read a lot, practice a lot and don't give your stuff away!
Good advice. Welcome from across the pond Waylon.
Be careful you don't get caught in a rut. Sometimes when you start out lowballing prices it can be difficult geeting to be where you want to be. :wine-smi: