GS15 plus issues. bad connectors?


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I have a GS15 plus that I’m trying to fix and when I cut the test file I’m getting bad results, seems to be affected by the connectors that go from the motors to the board, if I wiggle the connectors I sometimes get better results. How can I get a more consistent connection? Replace the connectors? If so where would I find some?


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Picture of those?


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Well you can remove the pins from the connector and check if there is something wrong. Then you can take out the PCB and re-solder the connector/pins.

Attila Nagy

That connector hardly fails. Check soldering quality especially for the bigger parts or parts around heat sink. While you pressing the connector you possible bending the motherboard too. Once I had to replace the white ribbon cable for this machine.



you beat me to this one
if th board is pulled out and flippe over, there will be a couple "ringed" connectors

just resolder with a fullsize weller or other soldring gun