GX24, problem cutting multiple jobs

Got my Roland GX24 to work with Gerber Omega program. I plot my job, cuts the 1st part of the job - no problem. When I go to cut the next job I have to shut the plotter off & restart in order for it to cut again.
I'm not really a read the manual kinda guy...anyone out there who can help?

Posted replies tonite would be great, phone call tomorrow 10am-5pm EST would be much appreciated! 631-351-5399
TIA - John


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How is the plotter hooked up? If it is hooked up through USB make sure it is set to not power down.

Air Art Girl

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I'm using Flexi but do not have any problems at all sending multiple jobs. The second job will cut immediate following the first with no wasted material. Sorry I can't be of more help with Omega.
The problem I'm having right now is that after it finished a job you have to use the arrows to manually move the carriage back to the left side before running the next job or nothing happens.