half day in your shop training ???

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I have a new employee w/ basic experience in photoshop and flexi ( sign making ) I want to see if anyone would be available to take him in for a half day training to cover the fundamentals of vehicle wraps. I would like him to learn the car wrap design process(#1 priority) and maybe just have the newbie sit and watch a portion of the installation(but not necessary) as you narate. I'm short handed here and would like to take a little weight off my back and of course, it will be at your convenience. xtra$$ Illinois or surrounding states would be cool. This weekend or early next week? thanks everyone.
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Sorry don't mean to be a :threadCan't help with the training but I'll trade your employee for our 5 week old "new" employee. Sometimes I think a rock would respond better and move faster then he does.....:banghead:

If you know anyone in the Western Maryland area that needs a job, send them our way!