Hanging Lobby Foam Letters


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I have a job thats going to require 19-24" tall x 15' wide x 3" wide thick foam letters, mounted to a brace that will hang above a reception area in a hotel. Its temporary, and I am looking for solutions on keeping the letters verticle and the whole unit stationary.

My first thought is that I would drill into the brace of the letters and insert a i hook in a central location and a top location to keep the letters verticle. My co worker is suggesting that the best way to keep them verticle is to drill into the top of the "foam letters" and insert a eyehook or some type of hooking system and let gravity do the trick.

Now, I am really concerned about safety, people are going to walk under this thing and I just dont think foam letters have a good secure hold for something like that.

Need input, thanks.:frustrated:


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We do cut foam and pvc lettering to mount to walls. If it is a lightweight foam letter we used TESA tape. It's extremely high tack. When you use it, you position the letter, and press.
At the former shop we had no vacuum hold down, so we used this tape to hold the substrate to the router table.


If you look through my picture gallery there is a job we did for Good Year- foam letters on marble like finish, and on the over head painted wall.

Word of warning: once set, extremely hard to get back off. It will destroy drywall, painted or unpainted if trying to remove it. On smooth surfaces, it leaves a residue that is hard to get off.


by "mounting to a brace" do you mean there's a solid piece of something behind them keeping the letters on the same plane? cause that's what i'm thinking you'll need.

as far as suspension, a simple wire-hanging is an easy way to go... there's also clips you can buy from gardening stores that you're able to clip to drop-ceiling grids with no holes to drill.


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Mike your on the right track. We are thinking of attaching to a overhead brace, which is exposed with metal wire, then having some Ihook at the base to thread through a clamp on top and bottom. Then a small "stopper", on each wire set under the letters to keep them uniform and level.

Yes, we will use an acrylic or similar to hold the letters together.