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Hanging window sign


New Member
I have a customer that wants some window signs. They currently have red coroplast signs 24 x 55, they have been hanging in the front window for years. Now they are asking for teal colored boards, none of my suppliers has anything (coroplast or sintra) in a teal color. Does anyone have any suggestion?



Very Active Signmaker
I assume because of the questions you don't digital print... the easiest and cheapest thing is just to order them already made from signs365. Open the box, hang em and be done. I like the polyair... should cost you like $25/ea


Go Bills!
so.....you make signs right?

Not to be a complete A$$Hat, but how is this even a question from a signmaker???????

If someone wanted white coroplast with teal letters how would you make it?

now imaging they wanted the same thing but reverse.......