Happy Halloween


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Looking forward to seeing all the neighborhood kids tonite.May have to get more treats- ours were purchased too early and some have apparently migrated to somewhere else...
Went to a costume party last saturday nite- here's a picture of my wife and I in costume. My wife is an optometrist and the Phillies were playing that nite so we went as "Blind Phillies Fans" . The pencil cups have a glass inside so we could drink from them!
Here's our decorations thanks to my daughter's efforts - looks good at nite with special lighting and the fog machine going!

anyone else have pics? :Big Laugh


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Right back at ya FX...It sucks as my little guy has had a fever and cough for 10 days now and not sure he's gonna make it out tonight. Poor thing has missed 3 other parties this weekend and he's not very happy to say the least.


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sorry to hear about that- maybe he could just hit the nextdoor neighbors. hope he feels better!


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Allright. I'll say it.

Yowsa! -that's a heck of a costume she's wearin'

oh, and your's is cool too , dude , dont want you to feel left out

We originally spent $150 for a vampire costume from Freddricks of Hollywood but she liked the army girl thing better when we went shopping for the kids at a army surplus

That's the cheapest costume we've ever spent money on for her, $6.95 for the bottoms,$9.95 for the top :D I like cheap, and that's how I like my women too!

Saturday morning was hell though, it's even worse when you have kids to deal with that next morning.


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I was helping my son get ready for a party last night, putting red contacts in and gluing horns on. The red contacts were really creepy looking!

as i was taking this first photo, i said something like "what happen to my sweet little boy in the lion costume?"
the second photo was his response.

it was funny at the time but even funnier when i saw the photos this morning!!!

scary.jpg sweet.jpg

Oh... my oldest son and a buddy, went to a party dressed in black pants, white dress shirt (rolled up sleeves), black tie, bike helmet and a back pack... what do you think they were?
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we went with a large group of friends who all have kids....we all stayed the night in the hotel....it was a much needed break to get away from them for all of us......totally worth the next morning.....