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Gooday all
I'm looking for ideas and thoughts on disc imaging as in making a total image of one HDD onto another HDD.
I'm thinking along the lines of a backup restoration if needed at any time.
Do any of you ppl use this method and if so, how do you go about it ?
What software do you use or recommend ?

All thoughts gratefully accepted and duly acted upon.



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There are a few good imaging packages out there. It seems that Symantec's Ghost (we have used with good results), and Acronis have the lead.

Usefulness seems to be a matter of opinion. We have both complete image copies, and backups - depending on the scenario BUT that we also admit that is overkill.


i use Acronis and also do backups. With an image the restore is faster than reinstalling, but also can create a little more work if drive sizes are different. I also think the latest version my take care of this issue. another option would be a raid set up.


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I vote for Ghost from Symantec. We used that program years ago when it was dos based to repair pc's or upgrade someones hard drive. It does a good job.


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I'm in with Ghost too.
Just backed up a nearly full 80gig drive to a new one in under an hour & half.
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