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If you have 2 heads to be replaced and one head is A and the other is B. What would happen if you enter in the printer the head rank number for A into the B head. Would it still work? Use a Roland XC-540 for the example.

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No the printer does not know what head rank you should enter so it won't alert you.

I think what the head rank does is to fire the heads at the setting that works best for that head. Not 100% sure but might be a voltage to fire each jet the right amout. If you have an incorrect head rank the head will still print and may not even be noticable but also can also cause wierd print lines and may decrease the life of the head.

Head ranks can be changed when you swap heads out but if you are just using a head in a new location change the number, in the printer, so it still fires that head correct. The numbers are written on the sides of the heads and in black so it can be hard to read unless you remove the head to see it.

My printer uses the same head for the right and left although in the manuals they were labeled as a right and left. Only time it matters is when you have a 4 color printer and one head is a single black and the other is a 3 color. Then left and right matters.

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Head ID

I've been all over this forum trying to find out how to enter the Head Rank or Head ID into the printer. I just replaced a DX2 color head on my Mutoh FOJ. I've got the numbers written on the side of the new head, but can't figure out where to enter the data on the control panel. You seem knowledgable on the subject and I really would appreciate your input.