Head Strike


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I have been doing a lot of reading on signs101 about printing and the various printers available. i would really like to purchase an entry level printer.

I don't have the volume of work at this time to justify the cost of a new printer.

I was just curious.. In some of my readings, I have seen the phrase "head strike" quite a bit. I am sorry for my lack of knowledge in this area, but what does "head strike" mean?

I am assuming it is a negative thing but I am unclear of what it is.



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a head strike is when the print head strikes the media it is printing on.. Say your printing a banner and the banner material buckles up a bit.. when the print head goes past the bottom of it. hits the fabric.. It will leave marks on what your printing.. and many times.. hurt the print head..

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Its when the print head strikes the media your printing on..........It can cause all types of problems...............You NEVER want a head strike.................


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Thank you for the clarification. As the old saying goes, "you learn something new everyday!"

PS Could anyone recommend a good used printer? I am currently doing signmaking as a hobby in my spare time (it seems as though there is less of that these days) I do 5-10 race cars a year and a few redos on racecars (crash=more work) and a few odds and ends. I would probably be looking in the 36" range printer.