Hello from Dallas, Texas


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Hey everyone! I've been in the sign business several years. I found this forum when looking for info about a cnc router I have just purchased. I hope to learn how to use it and share info with everyone as we go. I have found this site and its members to be very informative. Thanks for eveyone's involvement. I am available to share any knowledge I may have as well and will chime right in if anyone asks for info on a topic I have knowledge of.

Thanks for being here!


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Welcome from California :) the sun is out and the weather is nice. It's getting less and less hot during the summer times :( I'm not quite sure why. I recall about eleven years ago when I was in fifth grade that it was disgustingly heated during May.

All those in the sign-making business, contact me and tell me what software you use with your printers/plotters/engravers/routers.