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Hello from Kent UK


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Hi all,
I'm relatively new to the sign writing industry but me and friend of mine (who's been in the sign writing industry for some time now) see it as a good business venture and to be something we are both interested in.
I've been a graphic designer for 5 years now, not through college but through my own personal interest, I'm an instrument engineer by trade.
We're currently setting up a business together in north Kent, specializing in vehicle wraps, basic lettering and general sign writing. We now have all the necessities to finally get out there and do some work!
Just acquired a new cutter and I have recently built us a website.
Turns out we have our first contract coming up this bank holiday weekend! :Big Laugh

I joined this forum to get a better understanding of vinyl logistics and hopefully make a few friends on the way. :thumb:

Any questions or if I can help in any way don't hesitate to e-mail me :cool:



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Thanks for the welcome all!:peace!:
Been reading through the site and I must say that you guys know your business, got some good ideas and some seriously useful information from you lot!

As for the problem I had with Signlab it turned out to be the windows service pack 2 that was messing things up :rolleyes:
Thanks to all who helped me out with that one, really did save me time, loosing out on a job, loosing my hair, etc.