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Hello From Long Beach

Sign Prophet

New Member
Hey guys and gals,

Just wanted to say hello and to say thank you for all the good information I got off this site Before I was a member. I have been in the sign business for about nine years now. I work for an Installation only company and I run my own thing in my spare time. The company I work for does absolutly zero in house fabrication,and that gets boreing. This is why I decided to run my own thing in my off time.(well thatand the extra money). Anyways I look forward to being a member to this forum.


New Member
Hey..Welcome from Beautiful BC!
Sounds good..what are you doing in your own shop then?
Have you figured out a way to apply tatoos to Spring break ladies?
Could be interesting...lol...Ken

Sign Prophet

New Member
Mainly sign faces, vehicle graphics, foam letters, window neon, neon signs. Not a real big operation but it keeps me busy in my off time.

Robert H. Bigart

New Member
Hot Wire Machine

Hi Guy

Over 30 years ago I built a Hot Wire Machine and run it on a old model train transformer and it worked beautiful. I cut thin cardboard templets and attached the the templet to thick foam with pins and just followed the templet with hot wire.

It only cost a couple of bucks I found the tramsformer at a flea market for $5.00

Good Luck
Bob Bigart