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Hello from me too


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I posted in other threads but I reckon i should say hi here:signs101:
I am a fiefighter and a graphic artist. I have designed numerous patches for fd's in the area and wall art for some of our retailers as well as council signs and automotive and motorcycle paint.
My sig pic denotes a clas I attened in Las Vegas a few years ago. I am second from the right. Those other guys are world class m/c painters who were the instructors. the class was "murals on steel".
The shorter guy up front won the VO magazine painter of the year for his work on a harley entitled the "beast"
I am lookinhg for a vinyl cutter to use in making my original art masking so I can repeat a certain look, real flame, skulls, anything really.

So that's it in a nutshell. If I can offer my perspective on any subject I will be glad to!!!


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delifnately a good group here, coming from a preschooler lol. as to bad looking dude, actually a Teddy bear, well my name is Ted after all


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I hope you don't mind adding a screen printer to your midst. I bought a Roland FJ500 this year (packaged as a Quadra by Autotype) and find I'm starting to sell more and more digital signage. We had a sign company operating out of our business for about 3 years, so I'm not a complete newbie to the sign business. Just not formally trained...

I like the structure of the forums very much. Nicely done and very informative. I think the posters are both knowledgeable and literate, a combination not ofen found on the WWW.

Dick Wells


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You'll really like it here, giving and receiving information.... welcome from PA


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Welcome aboard from Texas.....

My parents neighborhood in the tampa bay area (more like spring hill) had to have two removed in one year already. Funny thing is one pond is man made on private land not all that wide as opposed to how deep it really is. The other one in back yard is a retention pond that has really filled up. Gator in each one.. Not anymore however, but still where they come from?