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Hello from Tennessee!

IDB Signs

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Hello everyone!

I've been a long time lurker here, and recently made an account for our shop. Just wanted to introduce myself! A little about us - our sign shop is a department of a furniture factory that is owned by a large nursing home company. They started the furniture division and later the signage in order to make everything in house for their 100+ facilities across the eastern US.

We typically make all of the ADA interior and way finding signs, aluminum cabinet monument signs, banners, and a variety of other odd and end signs and projects for our parent company. Not long ago, we created a secondary LLC to begin sales outside of our facilities. We are in a small town north of Nashville, and are outside of town on top of it. We don't see hardly any foot or retail traffic, so I'm sure it is different than what many of you may be used to!

The furniture factory is the driving force and bread winner for us, though. We are small, the furniture side usually employs around 6-8 workers, I run the sign shop by myself, and we have a couple of shared office workers and a manager. Having the furniture factory does provide resources we wouldn't otherwise have access to as a small sign shop. They use a pair of 5' x 10' flatbed CNC routers, thermofoil spray booth and press to produce the furniture, both of which come in very handy.

We started the sign shop from nothing. The original sign maker had no prior knowledge. Our parent company funded the venture and he and the furniture management got everything up and running, I worked under him for around 3.5 years before he left and I took over last May.

Sorry for the book! We have a bit of a unique situation, so I wanted to lay it all out before I start mingling around! Thanks for the read!

IDB Signs

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Thanks everyone!
decalman - it is most definitely humid and sticky out there. Luckily they keep me indoors most of the time!


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Welcome to Signs101 IDB Signs :welcome:
Sounds like things are going great for your company in the great state of Tennessee! Congratulations.
Signs101 is a wonderful community. Lots of helpful members - lots of great info. So hope you enjoy your stay.