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hello from Texas


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Feel free to contact me with any questions you have about your equipment . . . looks like we run the same stuff although I got rid of LXi after a year.

Despite what others say, I am confident in my Lynx 60 and run it on a bi-weekly basis right now.

Steve C.

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Welcome Signsbyrick....Sanger is not far from FW. Are you goin' to the FW Sign Show in May? Maybe we'll see you there.


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I think Kevco is looking at a Friday night to be here from NM.& is looking at Less expensive Hotels in the Area green oaks is like 67.00 a night off Hotels. com
if any one is interested. thoughts from steve & Dave & others are welcome. I'm sure. My other idea was Holiday inn on I 30 east of town.


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I am looking to attend as well. Most likely stay at AmeriSuites off Road to Six Flags. We can just drive in to see the show, go back to Six Flags, hit grapevine mall / The Galleria. Check out some local comic stores the usual.