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Hello there!

Great Scott

New Member
Greeting my x-acto scarred brethren! My name is Michael Scott, graphic designer and all-around art monkey.

I've worked in a few sign shops, including my current post here at Washington State University-Facility Operations. It's a nice paying, low-stress gig...and I'm bored out of my mind.

I'm currently doing a bit of research into starting my own graphics shop so I'll be poking around here gaining knowledge and (hopefully) making friends.

Feel free to check out my web site: www.greatscottart.com
Some parts of it are still under construction, but there is stuff to see now if you're interested.

Michael Scott


New Member
Lemme guess... a computer graphics geek fresh out of college.

Nice to see another one on here. lol.

And I feel doubly inspired now after watching Benchwarmers. We rock!

okay... way too sleep deprived. Welcome to the board dude. You should like it here. Lot of cool guys and some great artists. I'm not quite at the top of the barrel as far as talent, but I make out alright and would love to swap advice with ya'. Looks like you're even close, so we could even sit down for coffee or boba tea some time and toss some ideas back and forth. Just an idea, but like I said, the sites fun and informative. See ya' in later threads!

Great Scott

New Member
Been out of college a few years, but the freshness hasn't quite worn off.

Actually We're looking to relocate a.s.a.p. There's just no opportunity in Pullman, and nothing interesting to do. One of the places on the top of our list is your neck of the woods Flame Master. We visited Portland last year and the whole area appealed to us. When and if we do move over there, maybe you and I can have that cuppa.

Thanks for the kind welcome everyone.
Welcome to the most informative and honest site on the web! We got 'em all here - young and old!

As you see, we even have Flame Master! Don't worry though, you will get to like him - ...............eventually :Big Laugh

Impressive work on your website. Not that you need it, but you ought to speak with Fred, site's owner, about having some of your work published! He's a great guy, and makes all of this possible for us.

Again, welcome!


New Member
Hello from Beautiful BC! Welcome...
If setting up your own shop..dont try to be everything to everyone.
Try to avoid the el-cheapo pricing that new guys ( like me) have been doing.( I'm mending my ways)
Offer a good to great product at a fair price.