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Hello to all


New Member
I signed up on this board some time ago, and have been reading it every day.

So I guess it is time to introduce my self, My name is John and I live in Louisiana.

I would like to thank everyone here for teaching me so much, and I have learned lots, so THANKS!

I have been doing vinyl signs & Vehicle graphics for some time now. As life would have it, my old employer was not on the up & up, well you know the rest of that story.

I saw this coming – 7 days ago I ordered a plotter, 3 days ago I became unemployed (the bad boss), 2 days ago my plotter arrived. Today I finished my work area, The problem is I never was involved with the

Sales part of the business.

Any advise on how to generate some sales ???? I would be forever grateful for any help.

Thanks so much,
John :thankyou:

dennis j

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Hi John don't know for sure ( wife takes care of that end ) how about a mailing or add in small local paper if there is one. :Welcome:


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Hi John. I've found best sales seems to be word of mouth from past customers, especially in small towns. There is some good advice in past posts here also.