Hello you all! Hope you can help


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:smile: Hello to everyone on the board. This seem to be a very good forum for persons in the sign industry. I am presently in the printing business and was looking for a way to expand the business to signs, banners and large format out put. Not full signs at this time but possible do the out put for sign makers on vinyl material as where I am I should be able to resell the output to them for them to do the complete signs.

I looked at two machines but was wondering which is the better of the two for what I want to accomplish. The Hp designjet 5500 UV 42" or the Roland Versacamm. I am in Jamaica and don't need something that is not reliable. Your advice would be welcome. Also what other equipment would I possible need for this venture and is it worthwhile. Looking forward for a long thread of response.:thankyou: