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Hello everyone!

I stumbled across this forum while reading another forum.

I'm really not sure what else to say LOL ... So I'll just tell you what I've done and what equipment I use ...

I've been in the sign industry for around 10 years ... started out using a couple SummPaint printer/cutters (both 54") and various vinyl cutters. I've been at Bennett Signs for 3 years ... we upgraded from a Versacamm SP300 to a Soljet 545EX with white ink a few months ago (as far as I know its the only one in our area with white ink). We are still using a Seal Pro 44 ... I'm trying to talk the owner into a 54" laminator :)

This is my second post to the forum (my first one was just minutes ago about a font) ... there are lots of great people here and the amount of info shared is amazing. This forum is the best!



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From PA... :unclesam:

Welcome aboard. This place is fantastic for any of your sign needs or questions. I'm only here a short time and :signs101: is is the place to be.