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Help, file doing weird stuff...


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I am doing some flyers for a local bar here in town, but am running into some problems with their logo. It is doing some wierd stuff and was wondering if someone could help me out?

When you view the logo normally in corel it looks fine...however if you zoom in on it there is a line coming out of it that shouldn't be there. When you switch to wireframe to view it the line is not there and everything looks fine. But when printed that stupid line shows up???

I've attached 3 pictures for you to take a look at. The first one shows the logo in normal view, the second picture shows the logo when zoomed in and the third picture shows the logo in wireframe view.

Can anyone help me as to why it is doing this and how to fix it?


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yes shovelhead is correct, delete the nodes in that area and smooth it out... another thing that sometimes helps is making the outline corners rounded:



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yep, that did it. Some of those things can be pretty sneaky...hahaha

Thanks again for the help!!