Help! I'm looking for good 13oz gloss banner media.


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I always liked Forward 13oz banner. But Grimco has stopped selling it. I was going to try their Briteline 13oz banner, but was turned off by all the bad reviews. Now they don't sell it any more. Grimco's Duratex 13oz gloss gets some bad reviews, too. Any suggestions for a good, everyday 13oz banner and suppliers will be greatly appreciated.
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We went through a similar experience when Grimco dropped Key Banner. Have had pretty good experience with Arlon DPF 313.


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Have not tried it yet, but the Graphic Solutions StarPrint HT banner. Still have a little bit stock of Forward.


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I have been content with the Duratex. I really like the Key Banner, was accepting of the Briteline, and was hesitant about the Duratex. I've been through various rolls of the brand and it's all run well except one of the very first ones. Everything in the Grimco labeled tubes has been good. It thermal hems really clean. Smoother than the Briteline 13oz. The 15oz Blockout is pretty nice too. I don't print glossy banner, but I'd say it's good to go.